Certificate of divorce or decree of divorce to get married again in Tbilisi

Unfortunately the divorce status could be a remarkable issue for your marriage in Tbilisi belong the country you did the divorce.

Now a day there are many restriction to accept the document if it does not have on header the clear title “certificate of divorce”.

Some Nation do not release the “Certificate of Divorce” but all the sentence of the court as “Decree of Divorce”. In our experience we can say Georgian authorities are reluctant to accept the “Decree of divorce” especially if children are involved in the procedure. The difference between Divorce decree and Divorce certificate is well explained at this link

How to proceed? There is a preliminary procedure to be done before to book any flight or to reserve any travel package to Georgia.

Your certificate of divorce need the Apostille or the Legalization seal from the Ministry of Interior/Justice/Foreign Affairs from where has been released.

So first of all check if you can do this step by your own as we do not manage act out the Georgia country. Than you should send the copy by email to us for the official translation in Georgian language and the local notary approval stamp. Once translated and notarized, We will submit your certificate of divorce to the local authority to be verify and accepted to proceed for the marriage.

After the approval you can plan your travel date. Approval/denied come in 3 days after the submission, so maximum 5-7 working days in normal time.

During pandemia everything is slower and many submission was not successful for different circumstancies. So we cannot guarantee the procedure will be approved.

Here some frequently asked questions:

Do you have a list of Certificate of divorce already verify and so plenty sure authority will accept without any issues?

Russia, Uzbekistan, Canada, Santo Domingo have been accepted if they have apostille or legalization stamp. Some discountinous problems with the UK decree of divorce. German decree of divorce has not been accepted lastly. By the way you can always send to us a copy of your certificate of divorce by email to be un-officially checked by us free of charge (cancel the privace point as name, ref number, so on). The certificate of divorce should be sent with the English or Russian language version if the original is not already in those languages.

What’up if my certificate of divorce will be not accepted?

The price of the submission service  just cover the cost for that procedure and it is not refundable. By the way If it will be accepted you already paid this service that is mandatory for your wedding application in Tbilisi.

How to pay the certificate divorce verification?

You can write to us to require a quote and you will get all info about. Usually this is part of the whole wedding management and you find the fee belong the extras.