Modern 65mq apartment for rent in Tbilisi M2 Nutsubidze complex

M2 Nutzubidze complex, Saburtalo district – modern 65mq apartment for rent and available from today.
 M2 Nutzubidze Complex Saburtalo is ideal for single and couples who wish to live in a fine-tuned complex.
📐 Area – 65 sq.m
🛌 1 bedroom + 1 living with long sofa + kitchen + bathroom + balcony
🛀🏻 1 bathroom with shower
🟡 6th floor – modern elevator – security 24/7 – modern exterior and common interior parts.  Air conditioner  Samsung inverter – fridge – 6kg Samsung washing machine – tv – wifi – intercom – iron.
Complex includes private yard with soccer and basket field, Baby play-ground. Small dog allowed.
💲 Special Price – $600 (equivalent in gel) – Minimum 1 year contract (shorter time to be negotiated) – security deposit required.
Regular rental contract clear and transparent.
📍250 mt. To Metro Vasha-Pshavela and bus stop to arrive everywhere in the city, 7-10 minutes by bus 388 to Vake park. Bus stop at 50 meters from the apartment.
250 mt Swimming Pool and Fitness center, entrée cafeteria just downstairs and several markets nearby. Great location.
🚶 ♀️ 6 minutes’ walk to City Mall any sort of shops, bank, restaurant, just around the building
Just contact me for details or further info. Utmost seriousness required.
Photos (click on the photo to enlarge the photo gallery):

Just contact me for details or further info. Utmost seriousness required. Click here!

Destination Love: Tying the Knot in Tbilisi with Tbilisilovesyou!

Dreaming of a romantic destination wedding without the stress and hassles? Look no further! We are your trusted partner in creating a seamless and unforgettable marriage experience in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why Tbilisi? 🏰 Historic Charm: Our city is a blend of old-world charm and modern elegance, providing the perfect setting for your special day.

🌆 Stunning Scenery: From scenic views overlooking the Kura River to the iconic Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi offers a picturesque landscape that will add a touch of magic to your wedding photos.

🍽️ Culinary Delights: Indulge in the rich flavors of Georgian cuisine! Treat your guests to a gastronomic experience, complete with traditional feasts and local delicacies that will leave a lasting impression.

Why Choose my services? 🤝 A Decade of Expertise: With over a decade of experience, Alex has been dedicated to helping couples from around the world navigate the process of getting married in Tbilisi. My wife and myself ensure a smooth and stress-free journey from start to finish.

💼 Bureaucracy Made Simple: We understand the complexities of international marriages. Let us handle the paperwork, appointments, and translations. Focus on cherishing the moment while we take care of the logistics.

📸 Photography Excellence: Elevate your wedding memories with our exceptional photography services.

Why Settle for Ordinary? Your love story deserves an extraordinary beginning. Choose Tbilisi with us for a wedding experience that blends romance, culture, and professionalism seamlessly.

Ready to start your journey towards a perfect wedding in Tbilisi? 💌 Fill out the form on our website  for more details and a personalized consultation.

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Getting married in easy, simple way in Tbilisi

Getting married in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, can be a straightforward and relatively simple process, especially if you are a foreigner looking to marry a Georgian citizen or another foreigner. Here are the steps to get married in Tbilisi:

Legal Requirements:
Make sure you meet the legal requirements for marriage in Georgia. Generally, both parties must be at least 18 years old, and there are no specific nationality or residency requirements.
Required Documents:
Gather the necessary documents, which include:
– Your passports
– Any divorce decrees or death certificates if you or your spouse were previously married.

Marriage Application:
Everything for your application will be ready at your arrival, just have your passports with you. You will be guided for that.
Wedding Ceremony:
Once your application is approved, a wedding ceremony time has been scheduled. What we call ceremony, it can be just simple and fast moment or a classic celebrative time. So no panic just we will drive you belong your wishes.
You will need two witnesses to attend the ceremony. They should have their identification documents with them. If you do not have, no worries, we provide for them.
Marriage Certificate:
After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate. This certificate will be in Georgian language and of course, we will provide for the official translation and related seal (apostille or legalization by Ministry of Georgia) belong the country you will need to register.
Registration of Marriage:
This step is essential if you plan to use your Georgian marriage certificate in your home country. Usually Country requiring apostille (l’hague convention) have different steps from the countries requiring legalization. You can understand better in my recent post about “Apostille or Legalization“.

Inform Your Home Country:
Depending on your home country’s requirements, you may need to inform your country’s embassy or consulate in Tbilisi about your marriage and they could require a visit after marriage to register the marriage in the Embassy.

As you can understand, its is not difficult to get married in Tbilisi but it is absolutely better to be guided from a professional service to not have the issues in transliteration, embassy informations, acts and bureaucracy could create troubles for your residency in a foreign country or in a place where you are going to leave.

Please have a look a this post or make your request for offer or further info!


Wedding abroad Tbilisi your solution

The number of couples seeking to bypass the lengthy and complicated bureaucratic process for marriage has experienced an exponential increase in requests. This trend was confirmed in 2023, and 2024 is already seeing many reservations.

The current geopolitical situation has accelerated the need to quickly arrange visas, residency, and/or citizenship, enabling couples to live their lives together normally. 

We in Tbilisi have been taking care of helping foreign friends for a decade by offering a professional assistance service for civil ceremonies abroad in a clear and linear way, without frills but also without giving up all the prerogatives that an important step of this type entails.

For this reason, my primary photographic service, which played a key role in promoting Georgia’s emerging image in the tourism market, has evolved to synergize with the marriage bureaucratic assistance service. This change is in response to the growing demand and the increasing number of challenges faced by couples wishing to marry abroad, particularly in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Within a few days we are able to manage everything and  make easily what it would have cost you in stress, time, bureaucracy in any other country.

How does it work?

Before your arrival, the documents for accessing the wedding application form will be ready to be presented to the manager of the Official House of Marriage in Tbilisi. On the same day of your arrival (or the day after) we will have already set the appointment in time to fill out the form and your civil ceremony will take place  at the agreed time. You won’t have to do practically anything. We will follow the release of the official paperwork translated with Apostille which will take place within 48 working hours of the civil ceremony.

For more details and information according to the nationality of your partner or additional wedding services, you can fill out the form you find on this page.

Is it your first marriage?(required)

Where do you wish to register your wedding?(required)

Please check if you need optional service(required)


Hotels in Tbilisi for your wedding time

Did You have reserved your wedding in Tbilisi and now you need to think about the best location belong your budget, wish and confort?

Feel free to find any one belong your budget in the district of Vera, Mtatsminda, Avlabari, Sololaki. Those are the district nearby the main wedding hall we provide for our guests.

By the way here you find a list of hotel booked frequently from the other guests, different for price and quality but nice for location.

Tiflis Palace

Best Western

Iota Hotel

Betsy Hotel

Moxy Hotel

Hotel City

Light house old city

Tbilisi Inn

KMM Hotel

City Avenue

Tbilisi Laerton Hotel

Costè Hotel

Shota@Rustaveli boutique

Gallery Palace

Museum hotel

Just Inn Hotel

Radius Hotel

Radisson blu


This is just a list to inspire you to find easily a good location. Just to know, We are not in charge for the hotel you will choose and we do not get commissions from them or from the platform

This list is just what our guest chose frequentely in the last years and they release quite good feedback.

Happy to give you further advices if you need!


The best Basic way to get married in Tbilisi

You cannot believe all the issues could happen during a wedding procedure abroad. The Wedding in Tbilisi is very sensible act related bureaucracy and it should be kept with all the attention. It does not mean to spread money if you are not interested in a ceremony. As I already wrote about “Simple” wedding in Tbilisi, hold in the public hall, I advise to follow a “Basic” safe step for your date, even if you wish just “sign and go” marriage path.

What is mentioned in Tbilisi as “Basicwedding is the best way to get a hassle free service, stress free and with high save of money, despect to the fact the word “Simple” could make you think.

What is the difference between Simple and Basic wedding in Tbilisi?

The Basic Wedding I usually offer to my guest is including the professional assistance, the documents ready in advance, a confirmed time to apply for wedding, a private wedding room to execute the civil rite, the civil rite (or just the sign if you prefer) hassle-free procedure after wedding to release the international documents and of course my photography service that you will treasure for years to come.

All this procedure, so called Basic, just cost few money more. A very ridiculous money difference against a high lost of time, unsafe queue in public hall and no warranty in the right document release.

Comparing the procedure for the Simple service, in the Basic package you will have an official attendant of the Ministry of Interior following your application, inserting your data, checking careful your request and everything while you are comfortable waiting sitting down in a clean, safe, private lounge.

In the Simple service, you will queue up behind other people till your number will come. You will meet just an operator in a public office that have many different bureaucracy procedure to follow before and after you. In the Basic service your attendant is just specialist for the wedding and knows in a deep way what to do related weddings, expecially for foreigners applications.

In the Simple service, after application you have to go away and to waite for sms to confirm your application is valid. The sms can come anytime during the day and sometimes do not come or come the day after (including issues in your telephone, sim card or whatever). In the Basic service you will have a fixed time after application for your civil rite, even straight after application if you do not wish any ceremony you can get married.

In the Simple service your civil rite does not exist, you just sign in while people is queuing up to your desk. In the basic service you can have a private lounge for the civil rite. That is nice even you wish just to sign or to have a romantic short ceremony and a couple of photos together. Absolutely great if you have some guests to you as it gives elegance without to loose money.

Actually, I provide for basic package to everybody asking my help or my photography service in Tbilisi. This pandemia time has been a proof how much the privacy, safety and cleanness are important to manage a perfect stress free, smooth, easy procedure for your wedding in Tbilisi.

Ask for a Basic service, email me.

Do not let your day without a photography service. Go with


Simplest and cheapest way to get married in Tbilisi

You do not want formalities and really you just need to get married and to get the marriage certificate. You will think about parties when you will be back home or when your life situation will give you the right moment to organize that. There are a lot of people in the world, expats, digital nomad, foreigners in other countries that just need to tie the knot out any traditional scheme.

So, you did your search and you find in Tbilisi and in the Georgia country the option suitable for you. What everybody names “simple” package, it is just a sign in a paper in a public hall, usually the city Hall. This procedure usually includes the assistance to the documents, translation, notary, witnesses and everything related to set up this document. No frills at all.

Do you think you are saving money?

In Tbilisi the difference in money between a simple path in a public crowdy place and one clean, nice wedding lounge is very short. What nobody will explain you clear is the lost in time you will spend probably losing all the day from the moment you get in the public place administration till the moment you will be out with your certificate of marriage.

What can be exactly?

Few times everything went smooth and I can say in less time than I expected but the most of time these are the common issues:

– You have to understand you are giving your application of marriage (completely in Georgian) to an operator that does hundred different documents and operations during the day. He/she is not always ready to insert properly your name and surname and all your private data, from your foreign language to Georgian language. Any letter will be translated back in an official document for your country and if there is only one letter mistake, your country can refuse the document in the future. Furthermore, many operators, even if you pass the Georgian boarder regularly, can ask you for your visa translation. It means you must go out to the public hall, to find a translator and notary, to do the document and to be back to the public hall. Of course, you will need to do a new queue, you will meet a new operator and restart to insert your data in the Georgian system.

When this operation is over, the operator will say to you to go away and to wait for a sms to come back with your witnesses later on. There is not a fixed time, can pass some hours and even all day. In that moment you will understand you did not save money. Even worst if you decided to go with the help of one citizen that of course will not have nothing in charge if your documents have problems or any issues could occur.

If you wish to understand the difference and how much you save in stress and time, continue reading at this point about a Basic Service with a private wedding lounge.

By the way, if you are easy going person and you do not care about warning and you wish this simple way to get married, here you find a link for the service for “Simply” Wedding in Tbilisi.



Tbilisi Restaurants and Pubs crisis on April 2021

Early April 2021. Catholic Easter, a period in which the city of Tbilisi saw an extraordinary incoming of tourists, at least until 2020 since the covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns and various restrictions have ditched an exponentially growing market for over three years.

Shardeni street in Tbilisi on April 2021 – ©Alessandro Sanna –

The 7 million tourists are a distant memory. Only a few sporadic people and small groups of intrepid vacationers survivors meet on the almost deserted streets of the historic center under a shining sunny day.

Restaurant empty in Shardeni street – ©Alessandro Sanna –

We have photographed everything to make you better understand the surreal situation that still does not see an end after a year.

To notice this disaster it is enough to take a walk in the street of restaurants of the old city, the famous Shardeni street. Empty chairs and tables and lots of rent and sale signs point make a feeling of desolation, a sense of loneliness in what used to be one of the busiest places in the city  during the night and day.

KGB restaurant one of the most famous meeting places ©Alessandro Sanna –

A lot of decorations and ornaments have been removed from many places, taking the time back more than ten years. The takeaway service does not work in this area. It was the area of ​​the tourist refreshment, of the daytime and evening meetings, that of the crowd bath, the walk among the people.

The famous Cafe Konka in Tbilisi ©Alessandro Sanna –

In this photo reportage, you can get an idea of ​​the situation, while still admiring the beauty of a city like Tbilisi that hopes to rise soon. The complete photo shoot on

An empty Meidan square in the late morning ©Alessandro Sanna –

Wedding for foreigners in slow reopening ?


Last March 2020 nobody was expecting  the situation was going so negative for the hundreds foreigners couples wishing to get married in Tbilisi.

Update 28 October 2020

At today , Georgia is not open for regular international flights till 1st November 2020. This date has been already postponed  several times and apparently will be again postponed having a look to the world pandemic situation. Let’s cross fingers.

At the moment Georgia is out the green list of safe countries due to the high daily cases since the mid of October.

Only arrivals from the following countries by selected and authorized direct flights are allowed:

  • Germany 🇩🇪
  • France 🇫🇷
  • Latvia 🇱🇻
  • Lithuania 🇱🇹
  • Estonia 🇪🇪

All travellers are required to fill in a pre-registration form before travel.  Except citizens/Resident in those 5 countries, everybody arriving in Georgia is required to self-quarantine 12 days at their expenses.

Updated on 08, September, 2020: According to the decision of the Interagency Coordination Council, all foreigners entering Georgia, including from those 5 countries which Georgia has opened borders unconditionally (Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), will be required to present PCR test results from the proceeding 72 hours as of September 15.

Update on 09, September: Social gatherings of more than 10 people as wedding will be banned in Georgia starting from the 10th September.  So only the couple with the 2 witnesses and one photographer can be allowed. Facial mask is mandatory.

Georgia does not reopen borders with No-Eu countries, with business visit being the only exception.

You can find the Frequently asked question going to the official Governament website at this link.

It should be noted that the rules imposed by countries are constantly being reviewed, so a citizen must have a close look at the rules of a host country before purchasing an air ticket and departing.

Of course spending 8 days quarantine on arrival cannot be consider a normal holiday and this restriction requires  a staying of almost 3 weeks to perform the wedding procedure in Tbilisi for no resident people.

This update is dated 28th, October, 2020.

Next update  will be on 07th November or before if Government will announce any changement.

When Wedding and Ceremonies will be reopening in Tbilisi

In Georgia the State of Emergency has been lifted  (24th May) but many restrictions will be on duty before to come back at a normal life.

Regarding what affected to a normal activity of the related bureaucracy procedure before, during and after the wedding ceremony we interviewed the local authority  to clear the actual information released from the Government and all fake news in the social network.

Notary services and affiliated official translators bureau are not ALL on duty.  All the activities must have an online booking to be accepted.

Wedding houses are not ALL open and they cannot accept any new request or re-booking of the services without an advance online booking request. Only some wedding house will be open but for restricted number of person, no more than 10 people are allowed in the hall during the civil rite and everybody must wear the mask [update on 06th June, 2020]. Everything has to stand-by monitoring as the light reopening can effect to the spread of the virus. Any wedding full ceremony is not allowed till further date. Any event organization and event agency are not allowed to operate at the moment. Only Georgian citizens or people resident actually in Georgia can apply for this request if their need could be consider urgent by authority decision. At the reopening, following the actual roles, maximum 10 persons including the celebration official authority and the photographer will be allowed in the hall wearing mask and keeping social distance.

The international flights and related Tourism services will be starting from the 1st of SEPTEMBER 2020 [updated 22nd July].At the moment to create a safe corridor authorities are thinking about safety roles. It is not yet confirmed but Tourist entering Georgia may have to prove they’ve tested negative for coronavirus in the past 72 hours.

On Governament decision Georgia open boearders unconditionally to 5 countries, Germany, France , Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. The citizens/residents of the 5 countries above can only use direct flights to Georgia for any type of visit. Before crossing Georgia’s border, they must fill in a special e-form and list their travel history in the course of the previous 14 days, as well as the location of their stay in Georgia, contact information.

All people from the other countries will be under 14 days quarantine at their expences. (Update 24th July 2020).

Georgian National Centre for Disease Control states Tourists may have to abide by several conditions when entering and moving about in the country, and may be monitored by a ‘tracking app’. This is not approved at the moment but it is on the desk of the Gov to be discussed. Being these last statements still working in progress, it is clear Georgia Gov will be monitoring the situation and going to add or remove restrictions on the way. It makes more difficult to plan something till a clear and  final official statement will be release.

Wishing to keep a safe way to work for all our clients, considering this situation does not allow us to plan and to work as normal and to be able to give a date for restart till now, we took the decision to postpone  the reopening of our activities at later date. We wish and will monitor how the opening of the Tourism can affect to the spread of the Covid-19, waiting for the full reopening of the wedding houses and the official Notary and Translator bureau in town.

Do not exitate to contact us for any update you should need.