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When Wedding and Ceremonies will be reopening in Tbilisi

In Georgia the State of Emergency has been lifted  (24th May) but many restrictions will be on duty before to come back at a normal life.

Regarding what affected to a normal activity of the related bureaucracy procedure before, during and after the wedding ceremony we interviewed the local authority  to clear the actual information released from the Government and all fake news in the social network.

Notary services and affiliated official translators bureau are not ALL on duty.  All the activities must have an online booking to be accepted.

Wedding houses are not ALL open and they cannot accept any new request or re-booking of the services without an advance online booking request. Only some wedding house will be open but for restricted number of person, no more than 10 people are allowed in the hall during the civil rite and everybody must wear the mask [update on 06th June, 2020]. Everything has to stand-by monitoring as the light reopening can effect to the spread of the virus. Any wedding full ceremony is not allowed till further date. Any event organization and event agency are not allowed to operate at the moment. Only Georgian citizens or people resident actually in Georgia can apply for this request if their need could be consider urgent by authority decision. At the reopening, following the actual roles, maximum 10 persons including the celebration official authority and the photographer will be allowed in the hall wearing mask and keeping social distance.

The international flights and related Tourism services will be starting from the 1st of SEPTEMBER 2020 [updated 22nd July].At the moment to create a safe corridor authorities are thinking about safety roles. It is not yet confirmed but Tourist entering Georgia may have to prove they’ve tested negative for coronavirus in the past 72 hours.

On Governament decision Georgia open boearders unconditionally to 5 countries, Germany, France , Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. The citizens/residents of the 5 countries above can only use direct flights to Georgia for any type of visit. Before crossing Georgia’s border, they must fill in a special e-form and list their travel history in the course of the previous 14 days, as well as the location of their stay in Georgia, contact information.

All people from the other countries will be under 14 days quarantine at their expences. (Update 24th July 2020).

Georgian National Centre for Disease Control states Tourists may have to abide by several conditions when entering and moving about in the country, and may be monitored by a ‘tracking app’. This is not approved at the moment but it is on the desk of the Gov to be discussed. Being these last statements still working in progress, it is clear Georgia Gov will be monitoring the situation and going to add or remove restrictions on the way. It makes more difficult to plan something till a clear and  final official statement will be release.

Wishing to keep a safe way to work for all our clients, considering this situation does not allow us to plan and to work as normal and to be able to give a date for restart till now, we took the decision to postpone  the reopening of our activities at later date. We wish and will monitor how the opening of the Tourism can affect to the spread of the Covid-19, waiting for the full reopening of the wedding houses and the official Notary and Translator bureau in town.

Do not exitate to contact us for any update you should need.

To get married in Tbilisi during the Coronavirus Covid-19 2020

Dear guests, As we go through these difficult times, we would like to update you on what’s been happening in Tbilisi. We have sadly had to suspend all our photography and wedding management services until the 20th of August 2020 (updated) due to the ongoing situation and measures taken against COVID-19.

We’re so much looking forward to the days when we can happily welcome you again and be a part of your story again.  We would like you to know that as Tbilisilovesyou.com  we continue to work determinedly to solve the issues we collectively face and to provide accurate and up to date information regularly by email to our clients that already subscribed for information or already confirmed their booking and it has been postponed.

We are sorry to all our guests who couldn’t travel due to cancelled flights during this unprecedented time.

We miss sharing your excitement as you travel to your love great date, and getting your images of your greatest moments in the life.

May and June are extremely optimistic time to think everything will restart as usual. Due to the consequences of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, in compliance with the provisions of the Georgian Government regarding safety and prevention of contagion, the Ministry of Justice suspended all the official Wedding Houses activities until a later date. And now a day (May, 19th), still wedding houses does not have a date of reopening till at least 1st July.
It is has been set a provisional 11th of May (already posponed from previous 21st April) as light restart from lockdown but as you know, in all the world, daily updates born since some monthes.
Update : State of emergency has been postponed till the 22nd May Included and it will be note extend (updated 19th may 2020).
All flights in and out of Georgia have been suspended till 1st July 2020 (updated on the 19th May 2020.)  The Prime Minister declare from 1st July Georgia will be ready to attend the foreign tourism. We are still missing information how and what the tourist need to arrive in Georgia following a safe protocol belong the path  of the Ministry of health coordinated with the Airports and Airline Companies of the different countries.
By the way all official wedding services are not allowed till  July ( at the moment we are writing (19th May 2020).
Curfew is mandatory from 21:00 till 06:00 am till the 22nd of May.
All transport inside Tbilisi  including taxi and private cars are banned through the 27th April included (Updated).
All transport in and out the main cities are banned till the 22th of May (Updated). Only private cars can travel out Tbilisi from the 11th of May.
This is the provisional plan of reopening (updated on the 7th May 2020 at 20:30 Tbilisi time):

Second phase of reoping will start around May 5th:
– Building
– Construction supervision
– Companies that manufacture building materials
– Automotive services including car repair and auto-service facilities

around May 11th
– Computers, daily repairs and other services
– Recreational areas

Third phase, May 11th:
-Retail and wholesale stores (except shopping centers, clothing and shoes shops) with entrances separated from the streets
– All types of outdoor markets
– All types of production
– Publishing services

Fourth phase, around June 8th:
-Shopping centers
-Restaurants with outdoor spaces
-All types of financial services
-Beauty salons and aesthetic medicine services

Fifth stage, around June 15th:
– Closed markets
– All types of restaurant business

– Tourism inside Georgia (only local tourism)

Sixth phase, approximately July 1st:

-Entertainment services, sports and leisure, art
-Games and casinos
Hotels and Tourism from foreign countries
-Educational institutions
All other types of activities (including Wedding houses and wedding ceremonies).

The opening dates of the various stages may be subject to change, depending on the epidemiological developments in the country. Some restrictions could be reintroduced.

Roles to get in the Georgia boarder could be applied. Updates will be coming soon about protocol of entrance.

People will be required to observe distance rules at all times during the six phases.

We will keep you update as this emergency will be over adding you in our stand-by list if you wish. Just email us with your planned programme and auctomactically we will add you to our stand-by list.

Saburtalo new apartment for rent in Tbilisi 65mq

This is a brand new apartment located in Saburtalo district and part of M2 Nutsubidze complex , one of the best in Town for quality and design, convenient location, fine-tuned infrastructure.  The building has just been finished in October 2015.

The apartment is fully furnished and fully equipped. 65mq design for living a quality life. It features 1 matrimonial bedroom, mattress 180×200  with a really spacious built-in wardrobe and 1 matrimonial sofa bed 270×190 in the living,  Modern kitchen with 4 fires and hoven, big new Indesit fridge. 24 hours security service, main door with private code. 4th floor with elevator. Beautifull and modern common parts, really difficult to find in the city. Baby entertaiment in the private yard of the complex.

Here the photos and description of the apartment n.1 at 4thfloor. You can see the link to the page of the other apartment scrolling down.


Apartment is located on Nutsubidze street, 200 meters from the metro of Vasha-Pshavela from where you can get anywhere in few minutes. 24 hours Supermarket, fitness center, 24 hours pharmacy, cafè and restaurant just nearby.


Apartment specific: Accommodation avaiable for max 2 adults – Rooms: 2+ – Bedrooms: 1 – Bathrooms: 1 – Balcony: 1 -Floor Level: 4


Apartment rates:

Long Term Lease minimum 1 year at usd500 usd420monthy (Utilities not included) 1 month in advance + usd500 deposit

Monthly rent 600usd 550usd (Utilities not included) month to be paied in advance + 500usd deposit

Daily rent 1-2 person  65usd 45usd– Weekly 300usd (utilities included)– Short stayng 150usd deposit plus the total price in advance.

Note: Minimum stayng 2 nights – check in – check out belong your flight arrival/departure – No pets/animal allowed – ask for further info


Apartment features: New Prestige Building – Elevator  -Private Yard – 24h Security -Street Parking -Wi-Fi on demand – TV -Washing Machine -Fridge -Individual (central) heating – Bed Linens(only short-term) – Towels(only short-term- daily)

Suitable for: Couples and Single Professionals

Close proximity : Vasha Pshavela Metro – Entree cafeteria -Nikora Supermarket – City Mall shopping center – Gpc 24 hours pharmacy – Banks -71 Fitness Center & Swimming pool – 24 hour market- Strada Restaurant – Luca Polare ice cream shop – Carrefour Market Nutsubidze Public garden


Please have a look to  all the photo gallery here

Appartment Location:

To reserve this flat or to ask further info please Contact me!

How to get married in Sighnaghi Georgia

How to get Married in Sighnaghi Georgia !
Have you read the guideline “how to get married in Tbilisi”? If yes, go on , if not, take a look at this page.
I just ask you the pleasure to not copy and paste the following news without to report the source,  tbilisilovesyou.com , in your blog, email, profile , facebook , others social networks. It helps to enhance my job and to promote it. For any questions please email me .

Believing that you have a general idea as you red ” how to get married in Tbilisi ” , in Georgia there is a tiny little village but so, so, romantic called Sighnaghi .
As in all fairy tales, lies on the slopes of a mountain to the height of 790 meters in the ancient region of Khakheti famous for its wines that are truly exceptional in Georgia as well as from a centuries-old history and thousands of legends. The village is overlooking the valley of Alazani with a breathtaking view.
To get there it takes about two hours by road from the center of Tbilisi or an hour and a half from the airport.
Documents to be submitted are the same as for Tbilisi , until the ceremony , the only issue is the fact that you have to plan a whole day in Tbilisi for the translation of the wedding certificate in english or another languare available and the related apostille to access at the legal transcription of your marriage in your country.

Than there are 2 situations:
– You’re about to get married with Georgian citizen and stay in Tbilisi?
No problem, you have plenty of time to go ahead and submit the transcript request to your Embassy in Tbilisi .
– You are coming from different contries, both with non- Georgian passport ?
You should plan after your stay at Sighnaghi one or two days in Tbilisi for all the paperworks , which are carried out from Monday to Friday.
Problems? No one, if you ask for our help ….

Even for the marriage in Sighnaghi you can ask me my  “no issues easy wedding package” and you have to think only to enjoy your time.
Therefore, this is an example of wedding program in Sighnaghi : Arrival on Friday (usually early in the morning) , wedding on Friday or Saturday , relax in Sighnaghi on Sunday , Monday transfer to Tbilisi in the early morning to present the documentation of marriage at the opening. All paperworks will be ready (usually) from 1 to 3 working days belong your both countries needs.
Anyway you can have the possibility to visit Tbilisi and as soon as  the documents are ready you receive an sms from us and we will go to pick them up or yoou can even delegate us for that .
Surely more days you have more you will enjoy Georgia!
In this way, over a period of 4-5 days everything will be done!
Of course even in the Sighnaghi wedding program I can organize the photo service!
All this can be done easily with my help , please email me
Waiting for you,
Greetings ,
PHOTOTBILISI BY ALEX WED , Tbilisi, (by appointment only)  – www.phototbilisi.com


Tbilisi … maybe I should talk in a historical and geographical way as all the websites, that want to give a tone, as Tbilisi deserves, but here we are more practical, up and to the left you will find photos and videos of the districts and below carrie over the link to read the history on wikipedia … I wish to write on this site and on my blog about useful infos and curiosity, those ones you need for every day, to manage yourself in all the basic situations.
Curiosity and Helpful General Informations: 
Before you arrive: check your passport if it is not expired and it has more than 3 months validity, that is it, we are waiting for you, nothing else (no visa for Shengen citizens)…
Upon arrival: arriving at the international airport of Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli, before passport control on the right you will find the change. Change only € 50 you will find the most favorable exchange rate all around the city during the day. At the passport control forget that Georgia is an ex CCCP nation, here almost always you will receive a sincere smile and welcome and this actitude is only a preview of the immense sense of hospitality that characterizes the Georgians. Once you got your baggage, if you have not booked a transfer to your hotel, no problem, as you exit from the arrivals area, you have two main solutions: a shuttle bus service with 8 lari per person takes you to the city center, or take a taxi,  it is very cheap for the Europeans, take one of those white just out the exit row, clean and in order and before you get on board, in English or even better in a well-written piece of paper with the name of your hotel, ask the price and agree for the center Tbilisi (or depending on the area of your hotel) on the 50 maximum 70 Gel .

Security and safety: what fascinates tourists but especially those like me that live here, the peace of mind when you walk up and down the streets of Tbilisi. For years it has been developed a project to reorganize the police and at today you found them almost everywhere, especially in the evening. The only people arrassing are not local but the common gipsy those mainly based in the area of the Baths of Abanotubani.
Hospitality: although the sound of the Georgian language is not so hot at our ear, do not panic, in most cases, it is a kind word. Here the guest is sacred and the respect of the host is overwhelmed by foods, glasses up with endless toast, in a sincere, friendly, warm welcome. The guest disrespectful was once skewered, on the other hand the statue of Mother Georgia overlooking the city speaks for itself … I offer the wine as a friend,I offer the sword as enemy … seems normal to me.
The Language: to learn Georgian is almost a mission impossible, young people understand a bit of english, the most speack Russian, better write the address of your hotel in a piece of paper and if you want to bring a smile,  please learn the three fundamental words: Garmagiobat (Health with the meaning of hallo) Ukazravat ( Excuse me please) Madlobt (Thanks)… as written here you should pronounce.
Money: The gel called by all Lari is changed everywhere. Need to change because the shops and restaurants do not accept Euros or what else value. 1 euro is worth 2.18 lari to August 2013. The cost of living, leisure, transport, restaurants is half that in Europe. Change time by time as you need. Debit and Credit Cards accepted in many places but often the connection does not work (credit) always better to have cash.
Driving and accrossing the road:
A lot of hospitality does not match civic road education. What is perplexing is certainly the driving behavior typical Georgiana, who comes first pass and who comes second will try to pass as well… be careful pedestrian crossing stripes almost ineffective.

Things to see and things to do in Tbilisi: 
There are countless things to see in the capital, everything is fascinating for us Europeans, including the contrast between the areas of the city already renovated and those that tell the problems about the recent past. For people like me who loves photography, every corner has a reason to be impressed, every balcony restored or demolished will influence you emotionally … let me be practical now.. and for the itinerary please follow the Photo tour of Tbilisi to which I refer for a journey into the heart of the city … here, in no particular order of importance, I will write the 20 things to not be missed,  enriched where possible with the photo link:

1) Metecki church and Avlabari District 2) Narikala Fortress and Church of San Nicola 3) Abanotubani baths and walk to the waterfall 4) Armenian Cathedral of St. George 5) Sioni the ancient cathedral 6) Shardenia local street restaurants and nightlife 7) Jvari church Mama and Norashen 8), the basilica of Anchiskati 9) the Bridge of Peace 10) Europe Square and the cable car to the fortress 11) Freedom Square 12) Sololaki district 12) Kalaubani district 13) Rustaveli Avenue 14 ) Chavchavadze avenue 15) Sameba Holy Trinty Cathedral 16) Museum of Fine Arts Shalva Amiranashvili 17) the avenue Agmashenebeli 18) National Museum of Georgia 19) lunch or dinner in a typical restaurant Georgian 20) Folk Entertainment, Erisioni or Sukishvili the most famous
Museums: Being in Georgia and to not visit the archeologial treasure in the Georgian National Museum means to miss a big opportunity to be full in touch with the history of this country. Than in Tbilisi you have various house museums one more interesting of the other! See the Museum page
Emergency Telephone and Mobiles Companies: 
The emergency number in Tbilisi is 112,  unique number for Police, Fireman, Ambulance. Visit the official web site, the building is a new beautiful architetural art creation.  If you wish your personal mobile phone number. you just should go to one of the various companies as Magti o Geocell . Just Show your passport in one the dealers and you will get your chip at affordable pirices…check the official sites for the daily offers.
Eating in Georgia: As soon possible I will write a short list of dishes not to be missed when you go to enjoy the typical Georgian cuisine as Kinkali, Kachapuri Adjaruli or Imeruli, padrigiana with nuts, Lobio, Suvlaki, Kebabi …
Drinking in Georgia: The wine is excellent, nothing to envy to the best wines in the world. On the other hand, the great Georgian wineries, in addition to their age-old tradition, have cleverly been able to secure the cooperation of the best Italian and French winemakers. The finest grapes are for red wine Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, for whites Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Tsinandali mix between Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane. Personally I have tried and enjoyed Kindsmarauli Marani, Badagoni and Tbilvino. If the wine is excellent but it is priced as in Europe, the beer is superb and costs less than half than in Europe. I recommend you to try Herzog, Natakthari and Zedazeni.
Usefull links:



Hotels & Accomodations



Shops & Commercial centers






The Wedding in Tbilisi will be the most beautiful event in your life. How to get married in Tbilisi ? How to get in an easy hassle-free marriage being no resident in Georgia, leaving abroad, being from different countries and or religion ?

Tbilisi Loves You plan and execute from the basic wedding to the beautiful and stunning weddings and events in Tbilisi and Georgia. Bureaucracy will be solved, your international paperwork will be provided.

It looks too much easy? That is our target for your wedding in Tbilisi, to make everything simple and easy for you.

We believe in true love stories, and we pride ourselves on ultimately understanding you covering all aspects of style and theming, bureaucracy and wedding planning. We are there to support you every step of the way.

Looking for no-hassle destination to get married , Tbilisi offers you particularly good value opportunity to get your goal!

If you want escape high prices, interfering in laws and seating nightmares, the capital of Georgia is the destination for you.

This stress free city for wedding is becoming the number one choice worldwide, why?

Comparing all the other wedding destinations, here in Tbilisi you need really short bureaucracy to get your target, the neverending marriage with your groom or bride.

Tbilisi Loves You will be the perfect key to your happy marriage and will offer all the professional assistance to manage the wedding in Georgia for foreigners, expats, residents abroad, and everybody for any reason cannot get easily the paperwork in the country of their residence, especially couples from different nationality living in a third part nation.

You can come in Georgia only with your beloved or with a  party of friends, we will be ready to attend at your request.

You can find further info reading the dedicated page How to get married in Tbilisi or Sighnaghi just going here, or writing directly a request in the contact page.