Wedding abroad Tbilisi your solution

The number of couples seeking to bypass the lengthy and complicated bureaucratic process for marriage has experienced an exponential increase in requests. This trend was confirmed in 2023, and 2024 is already seeing many reservations.

The current geopolitical situation has accelerated the need to quickly arrange visas, residency, and/or citizenship, enabling couples to live their lives together normally. 

We in Tbilisi have been taking care of helping foreign friends for a decade by offering a professional assistance service for civil ceremonies abroad in a clear and linear way, without frills but also without giving up all the prerogatives that an important step of this type entails.

For this reason, my primary photographic service, which played a key role in promoting Georgia’s emerging image in the tourism market, has evolved to synergize with the marriage bureaucratic assistance service. This change is in response to the growing demand and the increasing number of challenges faced by couples wishing to marry abroad, particularly in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Within a few days we are able to manage everything and  make easily what it would have cost you in stress, time, bureaucracy in any other country.

How does it work?

Before your arrival, the documents for accessing the wedding application form will be ready to be presented to the manager of the Official House of Marriage in Tbilisi. On the same day of your arrival (or the day after) we will have already set the appointment in time to fill out the form and your civil ceremony will take place  at the agreed time. You won’t have to do practically anything. We will follow the release of the official paperwork translated with Apostille which will take place within 48 working hours of the civil ceremony.

For more details and information according to the nationality of your partner or additional wedding services, you can fill out the form you find on this page.

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