How to get married in Tbilisi Georgia

Best Wishes ! If you’re on this web page…it is true , Love has no borders !
I’m happy for you, I got married in Tbilisi, I am professional photographer and wedding planner and I live in Georgia since 6 years. My wife carry on the marriage organization after years of diplomatic career. We speak English, Italian, Georgian, Russian, Greeck, Spanish, Portugues fluently.
Which better wedding  planner can you find?
We can organize your marriage in Georgia, internationally recognized, in 3-4 working days only!
It means in a minimun stayng of 3-4 working days, you will get married and you will leave Tbilisi with your wedding paperwork.
First of all, I ask you the courtesy to not copy and paste in whole or any part of this page without reporting the source ie link to this page in your website , blog , email, facebook profile , other. This helps to enhance the work and improve it and by the way it is belong my copyright. For any questions please email me .
Do You have decided the wedding date ?
Do You want a civil or religious rite or rather both?
Have you ever been married ?
Did you check if you need Visa to get in Georgia? Do not ask to me, because I can be in charge for your wedding but not for visas issues.
Maybe the lady wish to take the husband’s surname ?
If you both are not Georgian citizens, did you check if your country or embassy require paperwork with apostille or legalization to register your marriage ?
Basically these are the right questions you have to do to yourself to optimize the time.
In any case, to get married with a Georgian citizen is relatively simple, there are also , as it is normal, some bureaucratic procedures to legalize the situation in Georgia and in your Country. If you both are not Georgians, our help could be extremely important to avoid any mistake in translations and procedures before, during and after wedding, and to save a lot of time and issues.
If you want to get  married without to spend too much time, certainly the civil ceremony is made for you because even the religious rite of the Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Georgian church requires ex novo the Baptism… I do not think you are going to take this step , expecially if none is georgian, however, nothing is impossible and we can help you even for that.
Georgians do the both rituals in the same day to avoid any legal misunderstanding between church and civil law. We talk on this page about what we need to be married with the civil ceremony .
No issues easy wedding package” is our offer to who do not want to think about issues. You have just to arrive in Tbilisi, and you will find everything ready for you.
We will prepare all official documents to apply for wedding, we will follow during the ceremony, we will provide for all paperwork you need after ceremony to register your wedding in your country.
In 3-4 working days you have a wonderful time, including nice tours to visit the beauty of Tbilisi and sourrounding as Mtskheta, Jvari, Uplitsikhe, Kasbegi, David Gareija, Sighnaghi, Alaverdi….
Tbilisi will be the nest of your Love.
A lot of extras as photography service, limousine, guided tours, guest assistance, bouquet, wedding dress rental, make up  can be provided at your request.
You have just  Email me!
Frequent asked questions: 
” Marriage for foreigners in Tbilisi (different Nationalities) will be a problem to be registered? “
Not at all.  You will leave Tbilisi with your proper civil wedding paperwork one per each country nationality
Any infos about the city of Love Sighnaghi or other cities? ” 
Sure you can get married even in the beautiful smalltown of Sighnaghi, have a look to this page 
Than you can choose Batumi but it is far away from the capital….
What about marriage for No Georgian resident citizen? ” 
My website name is “Tbilisi Loves You” and I believe in Georgia wants to be the kingdom of Love for everybody…. Yes you can, everybody welcome, you must have your passport (with visa if requested to get in Georgia), 2 witness and certainly you cannot avoid my help, expecially if you wish to be back in your country in few days with all proper documents…  usually I use to book in advance all the services and when you will come in few days everything will be set up….
“And if I am divorced and I wish to get married again?” 
Yes you can. It is a bit longer procedure but you can…write me
What’s up if for any problem the wedding paperwork will be not done before I will leave Tbilisi?” 
In this extremely rare situation, we will send you the documents by UPS, DHL, TNT express courier in your country, so no problem at all.
Can you provide everything, I mean a full wedding planner program?”
We can, expecially if you have a short stayng, bouquet, rings, wedding dress (you can even only rent it), make up, coiffeur, restaurants and simple or exclusive venues and of course photo service will be not a issue for you if you apply in advance. We are specialized in small groups of guest management but if you apply on time, no matter to manage any event.
” What about relatives and friends coming in Tbilisi for our wedding? ” 
We can check your hotel or appartment reservation, organize tours, set up the wedding tables names, anything you wish…
Waiting for you,
PHOTOTBILISI BY ALEX WED , Tbilisi,Vake, (by appointment only) –
Photo Tbilisi by Alex Wed

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  1. They were an absolute joy to work with! If you’re looking for a professional, friendly, and thoroughly upbeat team to plan and pull off a successful event. I would love to work with them again and would highly recommend them and their team! Wilson – Sibille – Arizona- Usa

  2. Missing you and your lovely staff, thank you for your patience taking care of us, everything was lovely done. Joyce and Maurice

  3. We took a full package service that was definetely the best way to save money, time and to enjoy the holiday time. Our group was really happy about these lovely days in Georgia. Photography service was great at really cheap price compairing Eu market, I really advice to get it . They gave locally excellent advices to spend our time, delicious restaurants, funny photography trips out Tbilisi that made our day indeed. I think they should push more their service in the market as the deserve to grow up more and more. We will advice to our friends going to the knot soon.

  4. Thanking you very much for all the effort, we really felt at home. Great photography service, we really enjoyed the highlight album.
    Yours Mariam & Ahmed

  5. Robert and I would like to say a massive thank you for everything that you and your team did for our wedding on the 9th of August.
    We would happily recommend you to anyone looking to have their wedding in Tbilisi.

  6. Going to leave feedback and I saw the previous one. No any doubt since the beginning. Alex 5 star management, 5 star photography, 5 star bureacracy, 5 star professionality. Keep on!

  7. I wish to be honest, I write this feedback after 2 monthes but I felt to do it. I was thinking Alex service was pricy, My friends went with another company and than their paperwork was not valid for some mistakes occurred, photo service was taken from a young silly person, the trip to Sighnaghi with a stinking unpolite driver. Luckily we hire Alex and his service throught We had no frills, just the right professional skills, politeness, punctuality, great photoservice and perfect and fast bureacracy assistance. Hundred times more Alex and his advices, we realized we saved a lot of time, money and stress.
    I know you do not care of advert and to have a crowd of customers knocking at your door but you really deserve and I hope for you the best. We will be honored to have you as our guests . Ali & Amina

  8. I will be in debit forever to you. My brother will come in Tbilisi to get married soon. Always thank you to manage our time in so friendly, professional and clear way.

  9. I am an Indian and I want to marry a Jordanian girl. Both of us are not residents of Georgia. I want to know the details of these. We both are Muslims

    1. You are welcome! Please I require to get in touch by clicking “contact” as everybody have different needs and expecially to be in line to the privacy requirements required by law. You will get the info to your inbox . Thank you!

  10. We was just me and my love in an elope style marriage and we had exactely what we was expecting. No frills, thrills, just sweet moments. Very good!

  11. Since we land in Tbilisi every step was so hassle-free I could not imagine. They made the day so much easier and we enjoyed any moment of our honeymoon. Back to Dubai we register our wed without particular issues. Recommended!

  12. We cannot thank you enough for making our day every bit of the dream wedding we could only have hoped it would be!
    Jo & Kristie

  13. May we have to thank you for your great photos. Our procedure was fast and smooth through the embassy and marriage registered. Waiting for you to visit us. Joane and Federik

  14. You made our day! We never met before a so customer oriented people. All marriage was set up to get our goal. Thank you forever. S&S from Doha

  15. Alex and his wife is very professional. He is reliable and trust worthy. They will make sure that you will have a memorable and hassle free wedding even being a tourist in the country. We had a very meaningful wedding and unforgetable experience that we will cherish our lifetime. He is highly recommended! -Kriselle and Jayson, Filipino citizen from Dubai

  16. I just had 3 working days availability and they set up in excellent way all procedure and paperwork release. Professionality at the top rate. All the best, Mark and Azar

  17. We met up with Alex and family in February of this year. We are currently living in Dubai, (American and Filipino groom and bride) and got married with the help of Alex. He was extremely professional and quick, and really made it a habit to ensure that we were clear of all processes and steps, as well as introducing us to some hotspots in Tbilisi itself.

    Back in Dubai, there was no issue at all regarding immigration. The Georgian wedding certificate was accepted without hesitation and my wife is now holding a visa in Dubai.

    Thanks again Alex and family for giving us a hand, and can’t wait to visit the lovely Tbilisi again!

  18. I can only say “Grazie”! Marco from Italy and Jennifer from Philippines now are married ! We loved the time spent in Tbilisi. Wedding bureacracy was perfect and the photography service was a bargain for us compairing the highest Eu prices.

  19. Absolutely reliable, trustable, always on time, diplomatic, and professional. We had a great management, a funny wedding photo and video service, a fantastic venue for our small group of friends and great trips in Mtskheta and Kasbegi. Be aware from the thousand offers you can find for your wedding civil ceremony and related documents, Alex is the best in town. Another friend of ours went with somebody else showing to be guide, to know everything and their wedding documents was wrong. Recomended. John and Christine from Abu Dhabi

  20. Marion and Mike , Philippines living in Doha wish to confirm the professionality for bureacracy managemnet and the amazing photography service. See you in Doha!

  21. I was in contact since 3 monthes and everytime i wrote they was very polite and professional. I did not expected to have everything exactely as they wrote to me. Civil ceremony in the typical house was very cool and all relatives enjoyed the atmosphere. Now back to Sweden we will do a big advertice to you as promice. We thank you hopeing to come back in Tbilisi maybe for anniversary? Holger and Kim from Sweden

  22. We got married in Tbilisi last week. Everything went as per plan and we had time to explore Georgia. Thank you Alex. We had a great time.
    Louise and Deepak from Dubai

  23. Mario and Natasha from Italy – Russia : Georgia is the best place where to get married. We had our wedding in Tbilisi and than we enjoyed our holidays visiting amazing places. Than back to Tbilisi our paperwork was ready. Excellent service.

  24. We are at home watching the pictures! What to say, no words, the most smarting wedding, in Tbilisi, nobody able to imagine, you did everything as we knew each other since a long time. To get married with your help was the best decision of our life. Everything is properly registered, thank you very much indeed. Juan & Nadira from Spain.

  25. Nimuel and Mari from Philippines, Manila, say a great thank you to Alex for all efforts, professionality, really a nice person. Wedding organization perfect, photography excellent, thank you so much!

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