How to divorce in Tbilisi 2024

Did you get married in Tbilisi and now the marriage does not work?

Are you facing challenges in your marriage that seem insurmountable? Sometimes, despite our best wishes for everlasting love, life takes its own course. If you’re considering divorce, here is some general information that might assist you.

Before proceeding with divorce, it’s essential to consider seeking legal counsel in your country for a Divorce Settlement Agreement. This agreement addresses various aspects such as roles, property division, affidavits, childcare, and any other critical issues that require mutual agreement before initiating the divorce process.

In Georgia, there are two primary options to obtain a divorce certificate:

Option A: Divorce Procedure in Georgia

This involves both parties (Groom and Bride) appearing before local authorities in Georgia to sign the divorce application.  This method requires a physical presence in Georgia.

Following the application, the divorce certificate, per Georgian law, is issued within 6 working days. Further steps involve international validation through official translation, apostille, or legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which typically takes an additional 2-4 working days.

If you wish to receive a quote for this full procedure, kindly complete the form below. You have the option to stay in Tbilisi for a minimum of 10 working days or have the divorce certificate delivered to your home via express courier, requiring only a 1-day stay in Tbilisi.

Option B: Power of Attorney Procedure
Alternatively, a “power of attorney” approach allows the divorce process to proceed without the need for both parties to be physically present in Georgia. This method helps save on travel expenses, including flights, accommodations, PCR tests, etc.
To initiate this process, both parties need to provide a power of attorney in English, each with an apostille valid for Georgia. This document grants full authority to act on behalf of both parties for legal requirements, document requests, and divorce proceedings.

Once we receive the power of attorney documents with the necessary seals, we’ll handle the process per Georgian law, including translation and notarization. After 6 working days, the divorce certificate is issued, followed by the necessary international paperwork.

Certificate of divorce in english with the proper seal will be released in some working days.Than you will get all paperwork to your address by express courier .

Choosing to come together to Georgia can expedite and simplify the process. You can stay for 1-2 days, and the documents can be delivered to your home by DHL. To receive a quote for this approach, please fill out the form below.


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