How to register in Lebanon the wedding that has taken place in Tbilisi

In the last years many Lebanese got the opportunity to get married in Tbilisi having a lovely honeymoon in one of the best and affordable places in the world.

The procedure to get married in Tbilisi is quite smooth if you follow our advices and apply for our photography service including the help to manage your wedding bureaucracy.

Once everything is done, your marriage has been taken, there are path you should know and to follow by yourself.

Lebanon is not in l’Hague convention and all official documents released in a foreign country need some step more to be recognized in Lebanon.

To understand better the difference between Apostille and Legalization refer to my recent post clicking here.

Once a Lebanese guest wish to get married in Tbilisi and require to register the marriage in his country, we always provide the certificate of marriage with the official translation in English or Arabic language and the legalization seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The next step to register the wedding is belong to the guest. Unfortunately Embassy of Lebanon does not have headquarter in Georgia but all consular services are in charge at the Embassy of Lebanon in Armenia at this address:

Dzoragyugh Azgagrakan 14
Tel: +374 10 501301/3/4/5

We advise before to come in Georgia for your wedding, to contact them just to know the right procedure to get their legalization stamp in the official certificate of marriage released in Tbilisi.

After the marriage in Tbilisi or once you have the official document, you should mail to them the original. They will stick the stamp of Embassy of Lebanon and this stamp certified that the georgian certificate of marriage is official.

Then you get back from the Embassy the original with stamp, you can proceed to register the marriage in your municipality in Lebanon. We kindly advise to check directly with your Embassy this procedure as updates could occur at any time.

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