Getting married in easy, simple way in Tbilisi

Getting married in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, can be a straightforward and relatively simple process, especially if you are a foreigner looking to marry a Georgian citizen or another foreigner. Here are the steps to get married in Tbilisi:

Legal Requirements:
Make sure you meet the legal requirements for marriage in Georgia. Generally, both parties must be at least 18 years old, and there are no specific nationality or residency requirements.
Required Documents:
Gather the necessary documents, which include:
– Your passports
– Any divorce decrees or death certificates if you or your spouse were previously married.

Marriage Application:
Everything for your application will be ready at your arrival, just have your passports with you. You will be guided for that.
Wedding Ceremony:
Once your application is approved, a wedding ceremony time has been scheduled. What we call ceremony, it can be just simple and fast moment or a classic celebrative time. So no panic just we will drive you belong your wishes.
You will need two witnesses to attend the ceremony. They should have their identification documents with them. If you do not have, no worries, we provide for them.
Marriage Certificate:
After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate. This certificate will be in Georgian language and of course, we will provide for the official translation and related seal (apostille or legalization by Ministry of Georgia) belong the country you will need to register.
Registration of Marriage:
This step is essential if you plan to use your Georgian marriage certificate in your home country. Usually Country requiring apostille (l’hague convention) have different steps from the countries requiring legalization. You can understand better in my recent post about “Apostille or Legalization“.

Inform Your Home Country:
Depending on your home country’s requirements, you may need to inform your country’s embassy or consulate in Tbilisi about your marriage and they could require a visit after marriage to register the marriage in the Embassy.

As you can understand, its is not difficult to get married in Tbilisi but it is absolutely better to be guided from a professional service to not have the issues in transliteration, embassy informations, acts and bureaucracy could create troubles for your residency in a foreign country or in a place where you are going to leave.

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