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Maspindzelo Georgian Restaurant

Placed nearby Abanotubani baths, just 200 meters, interior design is informal, nice view to Metecki church.

It was one of the best Georgian pub comparing service,quality and price, but on summer 2014 they reduced the portions and sometimes the meat was not so good as before. I went many times in this Old Town restaurant all around the year,  and I am noticing a constant low care in service and food, I hope they will improve again because location is very good.  I think anyway one of the best place where to have a good katchapuri imeruli, Kinkhali , Kebabi, and a good economy draught beer Zedazeni,. Music on live usually after 20:00 violin and piano, it is pleasant and not loudy. On summer you can dinner in the outside yard.

Service: waiters are not so smarting as before, now they look like a bit bored to work. I think they kept too many good advices in tripadvisor and now they are lowering the attention.

Address: MASPINDZELO – Georgian Restaurant – Tbilisi , Abanotubani, 7 Gorgasali St., Tel. +995 32303030


average Final opinion: average