Tbilisi Restaurants and Pubs crisis on April 2021

Early April 2021. Catholic Easter, a period in which the city of Tbilisi saw an extraordinary incoming of tourists, at least until 2020 since the covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns and various restrictions have ditched an exponentially growing market for over three years.

Shardeni street in Tbilisi on April 2021 – ©Alessandro Sanna – phototbilisi.com

The 7 million tourists are a distant memory. Only a few sporadic people and small groups of intrepid vacationers survivors meet on the almost deserted streets of the historic center under a shining sunny day.

Restaurant empty in Shardeni street – ©Alessandro Sanna – phototbilisi.com

We have photographed everything to make you better understand the surreal situation that still does not see an end after a year.

To notice this disaster it is enough to take a walk in the street of restaurants of the old city, the famous Shardeni street. Empty chairs and tables and lots of rent and sale signs point make a feeling of desolation, a sense of loneliness in what used to be one of the busiest places in the city  during the night and day.

KGB restaurant one of the most famous meeting places ©Alessandro Sanna – phototbilisi.com

A lot of decorations and ornaments have been removed from many places, taking the time back more than ten years. The takeaway service does not work in this area. It was the area of ​​the tourist refreshment, of the daytime and evening meetings, that of the crowd bath, the walk among the people.

The famous Cafe Konka in Tbilisi ©Alessandro Sanna – phototbilisi.com

In this photo reportage, you can get an idea of ​​the situation, while still admiring the beauty of a city like Tbilisi that hopes to rise soon. The complete photo shoot on phototbilisi.com

An empty Meidan square in the late morning ©Alessandro Sanna – phototbilisi.com

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